Syyn Labs


Syyn Labs Workshop: Learning Adobe Illustrator for Rapid Ideation

Sunday, January 15th, 12pm-4pm at Droplabs near Dowtown LA

RSVP Here: http://syynlabs.eventbrite.com

WHAT: This workshop aims to teach attendees how to become comfortable with Adobe Illustrator as a means of putting down ideas and sketches as quickly as possible in a highly editable and reconfigurable format. In essence, we’ll be showing how to use Illustrator as a digital napkin for doodling.

WHO: Aspiring designer? Creative engineer? Visionary entrepreneur? Do you want a good way to visualize your ideas? The workshop is aimed at novices who are either completely unfamiliar with the software, or have some experience but havent yet developed a personal workflow (“played around with it for a bit”). No drawing skill required.

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