DIE HARD: Car Organ

We all know DieHard batteries are tough. But you need more than just a clear name and a promise to prove your worth in this world, so DieHard recently decided to create a series of videos showing just how much their batteries could take.

To design the perfect real-world experiment, DieHard hired advertising agency Y&R Chicago to work with extraordinary Director James Frost of Zoo Films to build an organ using 24 black and white cars. The cars were all started off of one battery and were able to have their lights and tweaked horns controlled by a keyboard. Finally, when they needed a technical team to actually build the project, James came to Syyn Labs – with whom he’d previously launched the OK GO RGM viral video.

After days and nights in the Mojave desert, the construction was complete. But of course just building an car organ, or ‘cargan’ was not enough… so they got 80s pop-icon Gary Numan flown in to play his hit ‘Cars’… on cars.

And here is the making of video:

NOTE:  We discovered in April 2012 that the Car Organ created for this project infringes on Richard Grossman’s US patent #7,247,783 for his “Car-illon” system.  Our implementation is allowed to be shown here with his permission.  Thanks, Richard!

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