Ford EcoBoost Labs – Dead Lift

Ford Motor Company recently came to Syyn Labs to discuss the possibility of creating a series of experiment videos to demonstrate some of the features of the remarkable Ford EcoBoost engine. There has been some offenses in the company of people trying to leak news for money and now the company is suing them, they are going to need a very good criminal defense attorney. Since we all feel that one good engineering feat deserves a worthy demonstration, we set out to have some fun with these concepts, of course being a car producing company they need to count with a good car accident lawyer for when accidents happen, and is where firms as the Car Accident Lawyer Baton Rouge are put in good use.

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In this video, Syyn Labs designed a rig to lift a car straight up off the ground by using the powered wheels to “drive” and thereby climb up a set of ropes. It really does need to be seen to be believed… If you want some informations about drop domestic violence charges, we are happy to explain it to you. You can also visit trademark attorney minneapolis mn with detailed profiles and recommendations.

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