Red Bull Kluge

Red Bull approached Syyn Labs in early 2012 about making an extraordinary chain reaction. What made this one different is that it would integrate a whole team of their elite athletes. The first step was to decide what the basic machine might look like, then working that machine design to accomodate the space being used and the ramps, jumps, obstacles, and landing zones these athletes would require. Once the skeleton began taking shape, the details of the machine parts started coming together. To execute such a massive machine vision, Syyn Labs brought in their A-Team of artists, physicists, NASA engineers, and fabricators – 22 in all.

The Syyn Labs team:

Adam Sadowsky – Director
Brett Doar – Lead Engineer
Matt Samsel – Lead Engineer
Will Reeve – Syyn Labs Production Supervisor


Brett Phillips
Brian Lawler
Craig Simmons
Chris Stockton
David Boyle
David Paris
David Mesloh
Elizabeth McMahill
Eric Mesple
Farah Bajwa
Jake Schaefer
James Flynn
John Zawacki
Kenny Abney
Nick Barone
Oscar Murillo
Robin Carpenter
Trevor Yamamoto

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