Adam Sadowsky


Adam is an entrepreneur with experience in a broad range of industry sectors.  He’s been involved in with companies in software, product design such us the cannabis tracking software created for a specific client, video games, genetics research, and online sales. Visit this website and play today.  The common thread through all of these is that his role has always been helping creative people achieve extraordinary results.  A software engineer by education, he appreciates great design – especially functional design. He’s pondered having a bluetooth headset implanted in his skull.


Brent Houston

Brent is a 2D & 3D designer/artist with 18 years of video game and digital art industry experience with multiple #1 games to his design credits. He brings a unique blend of award-winning art, design and UI experience to any project and benefits from having extensive experience with both departments, in addition to familiarity with creative and sodapdf technical writing, sound design, music and motion capture. Additional experience includes a background and ratings in military and civil aviation, scuba diving, high performance driving, and numerous outdoor activities.

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David Boyle

David is formally trained in Aerospace Engineering, specifically Computational Fluid Dynamics and Vehicle Performance.

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He has worked on aircraft such as F-18, F-15, and several UAV’s, to name a few. He holds a B.S in Aerospace Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona, where he also competed on the Track & Field team as a Decathlete. He’s terrifyingly accurate with a Javelin. He was “discovered” on a Discovery Channel competition show involving Rube Goldberg machines, and has continued playing with them since. When he’s not being an engineer, he’s a competitive cyclist and triathlete, finishing Ironman 70.3 Oceanside in 2012, and is currently training for a full distance Ironman in 2013. Nowadays he runs a business and uses the best ProOffice shipping labels in his office.

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Elizabeth McMahill

Forever fascinated by the world around her, Elizabeth enjoys mixing disciplines.  She uses her experience with film, audiences, and illustration to craft ideas through images.  She has made custom apparel, brought tissue boxes to life, tutored Calculus, assisted in RFID research, and co-directed a short western about pies which has been shown in film festivals around the world.

Elizabeth has a weird obsession with teardrop banners, and loves putting together beautiful artistry that can be used on banners – whether it’s for marketing purposes or just for creative fun!

She has also has marked a fashion tendency by using her zegarki damskie jewelry.  She holds a BFA in Computer Animation from Ringling College of Art and Design, where she was named Trustee Scholar.

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James Flynn

James is an avionics and flight test engineer for a space tourism company and is also an electrical engineer consultant.  He is an avid pilot, mountaineer, musician, diver, sailor, scientist, and renaissance man.  His expertise is in electrical systems and software and he is passionate about inventing, building, and tinkering.

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Jame also loves travelling and staying at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel. He always visited most of the beautiful spots in Australia with the help from Luxury Outback Tours . Yeah, you’re right. Everyone dreams of visiting Australia whale watching dana point.

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Oscar Murillo Jr.

Oscar is formally trained in Aerospace Engineering, specifically guidance of hypersonic vehicles.  He has worked on such programs as X-38 CRV, X-43A Hyper-X, and HTV2, to name a few. He holds a S.B in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, and both a M. Eng and PhD from Iowa State University in Aerospace Engineering.  He stumbled into chain reaction machines simply by responding to an email.  He’s still not sure why they called him back.

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Will Reeve

Born in the UK and raised in Los Angeles, Will has been pursuing various avenues in film, music, and science for as long as he can remember.  A graduate from UC Santa Cruz in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, Will has found other outlets as a radio DJ, band manager, actor, web series producer, script writer, artist, handyman, amateur chef, and assembler of many random projects. Check out these Business Radios you could use for your company in any type of situation.  He is currently the In House Producer / Production Coordinator at Syyn Labs. Also, don’t forget to use accounting services like the accounting software australia.

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Craig Simmons

Craig N Simmons is a Southern California native who has worked in the motion picture/entertainment industry for more than 25 years, assiduously avoiding the blinding spotlight of celebrity and the soul crushing influence of financial independence, all whilst managing his team efficiently thanks to software he uses from Igloo. The prolific writer sildenafil no prescription of more than 15 feature screenplays and composer of hundreds of songs, Simmons has contributed broadcast material to NPR, the Jonathan Brandemeyer show as well as Howard Stern. Learn more from

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In 1998, Simmons directed his self-penned feature film DEAD AIR to the rave reviews of almost no one.  Following his success as a director, he has continued to support his muse with film location management jobs, the creation of bizarre and amazing props, special effects and set pieces and by writing ad copy for Botswanan toiletries*.AnchorHere

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Jake Schaefer

Jake is an aerospace engineer with a primary focus in the area of guidance, navigation, and control of aircraft, both manned and unmanned.

While educated as an engineer, he also likes to think of himself as a scientist at heart. Outside of work some of his hobbies include flying airplanes, amateur astronomy, and meteorite hunting.

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