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FastCompany – The League of Extraordinary Nerds

FastCompany – The League of Extraordinary Nerds

“We’re a sensationalism service,” says Brent Bushnell.

Ask cofounder Adam Sadowsky and he says, “We’re a one-stop production company: We make physical art that moves people.”

“We want to be the ‘engineering is cool’ group,” Bushnell adds.

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Another cofounder, Eric Gradman, sums it up this way: “We’re a glorified drinking club with an art problem.”

Syyn Labs, the art collective/budding company that Bushnell, Sadowsky, Gradman, and four others from the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato, founded last year at Barbara’s bar at the Brewery Art Colony in Los Angeles, is all that and more. It’s the best of what happens when a bunch of nerds, including a physicist dissertation service and a psychology PhD, get together to obsessively create something mind-blowing simply because they love the challenge.

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