Disney XD RGM

September 15, 2010 at 2:37 AM

Syyn Labs and Riverstreet Productions partnered to produce a station ID for Disney XD. Syyn Labs built the 15 second machine using all kinds of materials found in a typical teenage boy’s world – bed, alarm clock, skateboard, balls of all kinds, a drum and pedal, bike, a baseball glove, and… well, we took a little license including the paint canons. The paint fired against a wall knocked out the XD revealing a view of the green colored wall behind. The vibration of the paint hitting the wall knocked the Disney logo loose which then falls into place on hinges. The result is just gorgeous.

With only 15 seconds for so many interactions, we were certainly fighting mother nature all the way. Many thanks to the talented folks at Riverstreet Productions for shooting this so beautifully.

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