Google Online Science Fair Launch

October 02, 2010 at 2:23 AM

After a successful partnership creating a gorgeous Science-Fair themed Rube Goldberg Machine for Google, Syyn Labs was invited to create a new machine that would be performed at the event announcing the Google Global Science Fair initiative – in front of a live audience and streaming LIVE on YouTube! As these machines have a huge failure rate, and this is a significant challenge, we’re working extra hard on this shorter, but no less elegant machine.

Tune to YouTube to watch this machine happen on January 11th at 9AM Eastern Time. Of course, video of the event will be available at the same link after the live event.

More video after the jump…


“Syyn Labs got famous building OK Go’s Rube Goldberg machine for the “This Too Shall Pass” video. And they specialize in sidewinder contraptions full of fire, explosions, electricity, rockets, and more. Typically, they take countless hours of precision alignment and require test after test before they’re fully functional. Google, which recently came to Syyn to build a machine for the New York launch of its Science Fair initiative, didn’t have that kind of time. Oh, and it had to work on the first try. Live. For a live audience and a global webcast. Here’s how Syyn pulled it off.”


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