Sensate Bear

January 07, 2010 at 3:20 AM

Sensate Bear on display at Mindshare

Sensate Bear

Created by: Heather Knight

In a lifetime, few possessions garner positive emotional connections like a Teddy bear. The Sensate Bear is equipped with a full set of capacitive-touch sensors capable of detecting human touch gestures. A screen visualization shows us how the bear can distinguish between gestures like: tickling, head-pats, foot rubs and hugs. The bear passively gathers this information and inspires further discovery of methods to communicate, educate, and motivate people in ways that anyone (at any age) can understand.

The Sensate Bear was Heather’s Master’s Thesis project at the MIT Media Lab, and has been presented at Mindshare LA and the GEL conference. The research was part of the Personal Robot Group’s Huggable Project, begun by Dan Stiehl in 2005.

Shown at:

  • Mindshare ’08-’09
  • GEL 4/30/10

More Information

Please contact us for more info about the Sensate Bear.

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