Syyn Labs @ GLOW

September 18, 2010 at 2:34 AM

Watch Fullscreen Video Here…

Syyn Labs is delighted to have been commissioned to install a new interactive piece at the Santa Monica GLOW Festival on Sept. 25th, 2010. This is a quick introductory film. It’s a 100-foot-long LED sculpture of 512 computer controlled full-color LED lights suspended from the trellice just south of the Casa Del Mar hotel (map). It goes on display at twilight and wil run continuously until 3am, but get there early. They’re expecting quite a crowd!

Special thanks to Hector Alvarez and David Guttman for putting this film together, and the whole team for working so hard getting this project together.

Team leads
Concept & Installation: Eric Gradman
Hardware: Chris Nelson
Software: David Guttman

Adam Sadowsky, Dan Busby, David Guttman, Doug Campbell, Eliot Phillips, Geoff Emery, Hector Alvarez, Mat Heitel, Matt Davis, Pehr Hovey, Richard Whitney

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