Syyn Labs Workshop: Learning Adobe Illustrator for Rapid Ideation

January 16, 2012 at 4:32 AM

Syyn Labs Workshop: Learning Adobe Illustrator for Rapid Ideation

Sunday, January 15th, 12pm-4pm at Droplabs near Dowtown LA

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WHAT: This workshop aims to teach attendees how to become comfortable with Adobe Illustrator as a means of putting down ideas and sketches as quickly as possible in a highly editable and reconfigurable format. In essence, we’ll be showing how to use Illustrator as a digital napkin for doodling.

WHO: Aspiring designer? Creative engineer? Visionary entrepreneur? Do you want a good way to visualize your ideas? The workshop is aimed at novices who are either completely unfamiliar with the software, or have some experience but havent yet developed a personal workflow (“played around with it for a bit”). No drawing skill required.

REQUIREMENTS: Personal laptop with working copy of Adobe Illustrator CS4 or CS5 (earlier versions welcome but may miss some of the features discussed in the course)

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: We will focus on tools, shortcuts, and useful functions within the software that stand out from the vast amount of esoteric functions used for more elaborate projects and illustrations. Among other things, we will explore some of the most useful tools for laying out simple geometric shapes like circles, rectangles, polygons, and straight lines. We will also learn to use the incredibly important and useful pen tool and how to deal with bezier curves. More details to come…

I will be sharing my personal preferences and workflow with this software, even though Illustrator is highly reconfigurable and adaptable to many different styles of working.

NOTE: WORKSHOP BEGINS AT 12pm SHARP! You can arrive as early as 11:30am to setup…



Hector Alvarez / Creative Director, Syyn Labs

Art director, creative director, and multimedia designer, Hector cut his teeth and honed his interactive skills in the burgeoning field of digital and interactive advertising. Among other awards and achievements, Hector has won a Cyber Lion from the 2006 Cannes Lions and a 2009 People’s Voice Webby Award. In addition to a keen sense of aesthetics, he specializes at coming up with highly creative core ideas and defining the practical solutions to bring them to reality; he’s applied these skills in everything from social media campaigns to viral video production to product design. Holding a degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and an avid breakdancer since the age of 13, Hector is endowed with a dramatically flexible face and takes pleasure in ruining other people’s photos with it.

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