The Cloud Mirror

January 04, 2010 at 3:00 AM

As you gaze into the Cloud Mirror, it gazes deep into you… and produces a residual image of your virtual personality.

The Cloud Mirror uses augmented reality, computer vision, and cloud computing resources in order to access Internet web services and then tie your physical image with your online identity. It instantly mines the Internet (aka “The Cloud”) for photographs and facts about the viewer and superimposes the sensitive data in a comic book thought bubble over their reflection.

There is another surprise for viewers wearing bages. In the Cloud Mirror, the badge is replaced with a photograph and the visitor is confronted with a virtual album of tagged (and potentially embarrassing) images downloaded from sites like Facebook and Flickr.


    The Cloud Mirror also capitalizes on peoples’ innate desire to embarrass their friends by allowing anyone to anonymously “graffiti” in a thought bubble by sending an SMS message to a special number containing the target’s unique badge ID.

    Everyone who encounters the Cloud Mirror is surprised. Most are pleased. For the rest, they are shocked to come face-to-face with their own poor standards of privacy on the Internet.

    Cloud Mirror has was unveiled at the April 16, 2009 Mindshare event in Los Angeles, and was presented for ten days at New Frontier On Main, part of the Sundance Film Festival 2010.

    CREATED BY: Eric Gradman