The Swing Pong Table

February 06, 2012 at 4:43 PM

UPDATE: Kudos on the writeup in Gizmodo!

Robb Godshaw, Hoon Oh and Jisu Choi built this fantastic take on Ping Pong when they were Syynterns in the summer of 2011. Robb, now a full-time Syyner, describes it this way: “The Swing Pong table consists of a pneumatically actuated tilting table which is controlled by remotes held by each player. The players are able to rapidly tilt the table to attempt to throw off their opponent. The remote also controls the score, which determines the location of the net. When a player scores, the motorized net moves further away to inhibit further scoring. This is a method of reducing the advantage of a more skilled player. There are also two remote controlled high-power camera flashes under the surface of the table which the players use to temporarily blind one another. The version in the video has a static net, wired remotes, and manual score keeping.”

This social game project from Syyn Labs is exhibited regularly at Mindshare LA.