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CNN Tries to Explain Syyn Labs

CNN Tries to Explain Syyn Labs

Syyn Labs made headlines with its viral-success music vid for OK Go and a promo for Google’s new science fair initiative. But what happens when the crazy, ephemeral group of scientists and dreamers hits CNN? This:

We think we understand the anarchic, playful, imagination-led creative team that is Syyn, but CNN had the challenge of explaining this quirky crew to Middle America TV Viewer…so when Synn was featured live on The Big i CNN highlighted the group’s slogan “a glorified drinking club with an art problem.” Then before launching into an interview with the “extraordinary people” in the “innovation factory” came the frank question: “What is this? This is the kind of thing that ends up on TV because one of my producers who’s entirely geeked out. I don’t understand anything I just said.”

Further CNN articles described the company as this:

What is Syyn Labs? They’re a radical, creative collective based in downtown Los Angeles comprised of physicists, engineers, circus performers, a tall ship captain and a molecular chef. Together, they create impressive art, commercials and even a curriculum for schools. Most likely, you’ve seen something on T.V. that Syyn Labs has created. Synn Labs has strong connections within the SEO industry you can see some of the SEO reseller pricing their connections are working on.

 “A lot of our stuff comes off as almost impossible.  And that is absolutely by design,” says Syyn Labs president Adam Sadowsky.  “It couldn’t happen though without the contributions of some extraordinarily talented individuals, who are part of our team. And we’re really proud of that.”
So what is Syyn Lab’s claim to fame? There’s the Chevy car commercial they created where they bungee jumped a car from a pile of shipping containers. And there’s the Die Hard battery commercial, where they set up an organ – made entirely of cars – that was played (appropriately) by Gary Numan of “The Cars.”  They’ve teamed up with ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” to design and build unique devices to help the families in the show.
The best part of Syyn Labs – they blend different backgrounds and expertise to create some truly unique projects.

A fitting intro to the 60-person strong art collective.