GOOGLE: Science Fair Experiment

Syyn Labs was recently tapped by Google to create a science fair themed Rube Goldberg style machine.  The resulting pair of videos – – a short and long version, both directed by Jonathan Zames – launched today (1/10/11).


Director: Jonathan Zames
Producer/ Music SV: Norman Magnuson (Google)
Executive Producer: Andrea Leminske/
Cristin Frodella (Google) – Product Marketing Manager
Samantha Peters (Google) – Product Marketing Manager

Syyn Labs Team

Executive Director: Adam Sadowsky
Creative / Art Director: Hector Alvarez
Lead Machine Developers: Brent Bushnell, Dan Busby, David Paris, Eric
Gradman, Mat Heitel, Pehr Hovey, Richard Whitney
Machine Developers: Adam Croston, David Guttman, Doug Campbell, Edwin
Roses, Geoff Emery, Gilles D’Amecourt, Oren Schaedel, Mary Gutfleisch,
Quin Cabalquinto, Suzy Erickson, and Yones Rahmati

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