Sports Nation Machine

In the spring of 2014, SportsNation invited Syyn Labs to build them a machine to help celebrate their impending 2 millionth facebook “like”. “Our first challenge was to build the machine inside an office space – something we’d never done before”, said Adam Sadowsky, Syyn Labs President and lead creative. “Because this machine has a distinctly sports-related theme, the whole range of sports equipment was available which helped a great deal. You can also go to to find great sites where you can play online slot machine games. They offer online slots free spins to all those who are new to the game. It was also a chance for us to do some things I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been dreaming about bowling balls on trampolines for years. It turned out better than I’d imagined!”.

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To build this machine, Syyn Labs enlisted the help of two-time Guinness World Record Rube Goldberg machine builder Zach Umperovitch. Holding a masters in geology from Purdue University, Zach was the Purdue Rube Goldberg machine team lead for six years. His work was closely watched for years by Syyn Labs. Adam says, “I knew and absolutely loved Zach’s work for years, but I only met him for the first time in NYC at my friend, Jennifer George’s apartment in the Fall of 2013. Jennifer is Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter and she had just come out with a beautiful book about her grandfather. Zach and I clicked immediately. I knew we had to find a way to work together. This was the perfect opportunity.” Check all this information directly from the source.

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Flying out from New Hampshire, Zach spent six weeks helping Adam design, plan, and ultimately build this machine. “Zach was a critical contributor from the early design stages through to the very last bounce on the trampolines. He’s creative, intuitive, and incredibly persistent.”

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Zach says, “Though I’ve been building these machines for as long as I can remember since the age of 3, of all my builds, this has certainly been my favorite to date. Beyond the creative boundaries Syyn Labs let me push, the individuals I had the privilege of working along side with ever expanded my passion for building Rube Machines, both of which I am immeasurably grateful for.”

This project was expertly produced by Syyn Labs’ production company partner, Motion Theory.  Aside from this, there are also other innovations which can be utilized for training to prepare you for your next sports event or competition.

The Syyn Labs “Machine Team”:

Adam Sadowsky – Creative Director
Zach Umperovitch – Lead Machine Engineer
Craig Simmons – Machine Engineer
Robin Carpenter – Machine Engineer

Production Team:

Production Co. – Motion Theory
Director – Adam Sadowsky
Executive Producer/Partner: Javier Jimenez
Head of Production: Ben Leiser
Producer – Nathan Haener
DP – Doug Chamberlain
Production Designer – Teri Whitaker


VP Original Prog. of Production – Jamie Horowitz
Executive Producer – Charles Dixon
Creative Director – Kevin Wildes
Coordinating Producer – Whit Albohm
Coordinating Director – Alex Tyner
Producer – Dan Schwachter
Social Producer – Steve Braband
Associate Producer – Stephanie Snowden

Special thanks to ESPN SN Talent:
Michelle Beadle
Max Kellerman
Marcellus Wiley

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