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FastCompany – The League of Extraordinary Nerds

FastCompany – The League of Extraordinary Nerds

“We’re a sensationalism service,” says Brent Bushnell.

Ask cofounder Adam Sadowsky and he says, “We’re a one-stop production company: We make physical art that moves people.”

“We want to be the ‘engineering is cool’ group,” Bushnell adds.

Another cofounder, Eric Gradman, sums it up this way: “We’re a glorified drinking club with an art problem.”

Syyn Labs, the art collective/budding company that Bushnell, Sadowsky, Gradman, and four others founded last year at Barbara’s bar at the Brewery Art Colony in Los Angeles, is all that and more. It’s the best of what happens when a bunch of nerds, including a physicist and a psychology PhD, get together to obsessively create something mind-blowing simply because they love the challenge.

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